I would like to collect all the answers of a specific user (e.g. John Rennie in physics, and also my own answers on philosophy). I don't care if the result is HTML or PDF.

Is such result possible in SE?

I've already checked Stack Overflow anthology project and that doesn't answer my question, the approach there is to generate a book, I don't need a book (although it would be nice), what I need is the collection of results of a user. Other nice-to-have would be selecting some answers or questions and generate a page/PDF.


You could use the API to obtain the raw HTML and transform it in the programming language you're familiar with. There's no built-in option for this, and IMHO it's not likely to be built; it'll take a lot of time and not many people will use this feature.

For example, the following call will return all answers you posted on Philosophy Stack Exchange:

enter image description here

You can change the filter to add more details to the answer.

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