When I join chat rooms, I usually have the tendency to leave them. But in Stack Exchange chat rooms, I cannot find a correct way of permanently leaving a chat room, I can only get offline from a chat room.

How do I leave a chat room permanently, without just going offline?

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    Note that even after you leave, if you ever posted in that room, you can be pinged for 7 days after leaving. If you never posted in that room and leave it, nobody can ping you. (Except mods) Nov 14, 2018 at 8:40

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There's a very small "leave" button below the tags and above the list of participants.


In the example image, the button is right above my profile picture.

If the "leave" button doesn't work, it's probably a .

  • I can't find that page, can you tell me where to find it? Nov 5, 2018 at 0:52
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    @Devealte The screenshot I took is from going to the actual chat room (and looking at the top left corner).
    – Zackary
    Nov 5, 2018 at 0:53

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