Searching "deleted:1" yielded 217,625 results.

I am not informed why my account is suspended. I have no question or answer history here: https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/feeds/user/83785

Solution idea: a "deleted" tag. This would allow that tag to be searched or RSS albeit it's on a per-site basis as I think user IDs are not consistent on all sites.

I hate investing time into a question only to have it deleted and not being notified about it. But it seems like the site keeps the database entry, so I was wondering if I can grep/mget all my deleted posts.

https://askubuntu.com/users/recently-deleted-answers/885719. Maybe I can replace it like so:

$EXCHANGESITELIST . "/users/recently-deleted-answers/885719"

$EXCHANGESITELIST . "/users/recently-deleted-questions/885719"

and like flashGot.

But I wanted to ask you guys if this feature is implemented or perhaps I can set up an RSS feed to be notified.


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Im just wondering why my codegolf account was killed I even contributed a game concept tiny.cc/ZeVeRoH all history deleted on that site.

You did not contribute a game concept, you spammed the main and meta sites with questions and answers that contained nothing more than a poster and the URL of your website.

Most of your other posts were just nonsense. None of them was an appropriate question or answer.

I have no question or answer history here.

The account you used to post that spam was deleted. You actually created a new account (which hasn't posted any questions or answers yet), but it got suspended automatically for the rule violations of the old account.

I will never get mod priviledge because every post is negatives and I dislike this sites goals and design as to try an' ASScertain priviledges

If you want to contribute on PPCG, please check out our help center and other users' posts, to see what we're all about and what proper questions and answer look like.

As you can see on your profile page, you're currently suspended for 7 more days. You're welcome to return after those 7 days are over.

  • No I think that site is about stealing ideas and SEO optimization.
    – openInvent
    Nov 11, 2018 at 4:39

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