There is already a question Top Network Posts showing incorrect score which is posted around a month ago (which was fixed). My question reports a similar issue of showing inaccurate scores along with another bug.

A couple of answers in the Top Answers in my network profile are showing incorrect score.

Answers showing incorrect score highlighted.

As we can see they are showing a score of 10. But as of writing this question, the score of both the answers is 9. First answer about marriage and second answer about withdrawing weapon both have a score of 9 instead of 10.

Even though the current score is 9, both these answers reached a score of 10 a few months ago and I was awarded Nice Answer badge for both.

Image highlighting Nice Answer badges

The vote was removed either when a user was removed or there was an unupvote. As far as I can tell, I don't remember an unupvote notification in the achievement box from these answers. My guess is the votes are removed when user accounts were deleted.

So, I suspect the score of answers in Top Network Posts is not updated either when there is an unupvote or a vote thrown away due to account deletion.

Is this the right reason why score is inaccurate? Can this be fixed?

  • @bob this got nothing to do with sorting. It's a bug with top network posts score. What made you think it's related to the sorting? Commented Jul 26, 2023 at 12:12

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Confirmation: I'm seeing multiple instances of the same off-by-one problem:

It's sporadic: not all posts have these problems. It affects both questions and answers.

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