Is it possible to determine who made a post closed or community wiki and why from the Stack Overflow data dump?


You can find that record in the PostHistory table by looking for rows with PostHistoryTypeId = 16

That row will have the UserId populated.

  • When the UserId = -1 the post was made Community Wiki by the system.
  • If the UserId == Posts.OwnerUserId the OP made the Post community wiki
  • If the UserId != Posts.OwnerUserId either a moderator converted the post to Community Wiki or the question received its 30th answer (in which case the UserId is that of the answers OwnerUserId)

Here is a SEDE Query to verify.

For closed questions you'll be looking at PostHistoryTypeId=10 where the text column will have the JSON with all the close voters. The UserId column will have the last close voter.

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