I'm not sure about past events: https://stackoverflow.com/badges/get/events?tab=past

But https://stackoverflow.com/badges/get/events?tab=current uses text:

There are no events being planned right now.

Key in transifex: 557602e46ca673366a2e1469d556c02f.

On SOru: https://ru.stackoverflow.com/badges/get/events?tab=current and https://ru.stackoverflow.com/badges/get/events?tab=past both pages are using the same text (which is relevant only for current events):

На данный момент, у нас нет планов

And in traducir I found only one string: https://ru.traducir.win/string/3304

Are current and past events pages using the same string for case when there are no events? If so, could you separate them?

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