I have asked a low quality question or one that has an obvious answer or an otherwise question likely to be downvoted. These you should delete if the question itself is bad not about it being worded wrong. Sometimes there are questions that get downvotes even though they are not obviously bad. As soon as I get a score of -1, is it a good idea to delete the question? If deleting it at -1 is a bad idea, at how many downvotes should I think about deleting it?

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    Sounds like you need to spend more time getting your questions right before submitting them so they are useful, well researched and on-topic. Then you won't get downvotes and you won't even need to consider deletion. – Robert Longson Dec 5 '18 at 1:04
  • Do you think this is a good question? If not, I will delete it already. Wait. My question is asking if that would be a good idea. – Asadefa Dec 5 '18 at 1:06
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    Compare your questions and answers to other upvoted questions and answers. Are they of the same quality? If not, how can you update your posts to better match the quality of upvoted posts? Learn from their examples. – user1228 Dec 5 '18 at 17:50
  • I would, but sometimes i take a lot of time to reply a downvoted question and i think, i hope they dont delete it cause my had earned reputation would go down the drain – Mr-Programs Dec 5 '18 at 21:07


It's a good idea to delete a question or answer as soon as you realize that it has no purpose, will never do you or anyone else a bit of good, and nothing you can realistically imagine doing to it will change that fact.

But one downvote? That's nothing. Scratch that; it's better than nothing, it's a challenge - someone's told you you don't got what it takes, you gonna take that from 'em? You gonna take crap from An Internet?!! Hell no! You're gonna show 'em! You're gonna re-read the question, think about it hard, practice that empathy and imagine what it looks like to someone who isn't you... Then you're gonna edit the crap out of that post! You're gonna make it look so good, the person who downvoted is gonna look like an idiot. Folks are gonna wander by & see it & think, "what a fool that voter is, voting in the wrong direction - let's all laugh at them, and then upvote this".

And you're just gonna sit there, smirking like the cat who got the cream.

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    'Folks are gonna wander by & see it & think, "what a fool that voter is, voting in the wrong direction - let's all laugh at them, and then upvote this"' - that happens regularly even when the post is not edited. – Dukeling Dec 5 '18 at 1:12
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    "When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!" - Cave Johnson – fbueckert Dec 5 '18 at 14:14
  • I tried that. And... It works. Very well – Asadefa Dec 5 '18 at 16:19
  • @fbueckert sometimes, you don't even know what life gives you. – Braiam Dec 5 '18 at 19:57

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