My answer to this question Rock crushing hands, how to make it possible? show two pictures. The first is of a red crab claw.

The second is a still captured from a YouTube video. My text link to the video works perfectly but I would prefer that people be able to click the picture itself to reach the video, i.e. treat it as a clickable thumbnail.

Can this be done within the parameters provided by SE?

P.S. - This was my attempt. There's a clickable link there but my picture is missing:


You're using HTML. Use Markdown instead, along with the embedded editor utilities. Using pictures is slightly harder, but not terribly so. To make it easier:

  1. Add a link. That gives you markdown such as: [this is a link][1] which adds the link to the bottom of the post: [1]: http://whereveryouwanttogo.com
  2. Add a picture. That gives you the markdown [![enter image description here][2]][2], with the link being [2]: https://imageuploadurl
  3. Update the second square bracket link to your linked article square bracket. ie. [![enter image description here][2]][1]

That will display the picture, and clicking on it will send the user to the link, instead of opening the picture full screen.

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