I regularly see feature requests on Meta, sometimes with heavily upvoted answers. A feature request is not really a question with an answer since the poster is asking for a feature to be added to the site. How would I write a good answer to a feature request?

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    One option is the No, we do not want this answer. – rene Dec 5 at 16:15
  • @rene only when it comes with explanation and too long to fit as comment. :) – Shadow Wizard Dec 5 at 16:27
  • Answer require explaination – Asadefa Dec 5 at 16:28
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As ordinary user, answering a feature request can be done in such cases, in my opinion:

  1. Suggesting a "tweak" in the request, which still preserve the original idea but with something a bit different. This is useful to prevent many duplicate requests being posted as different questions. Recent example. (Yes, by me. :))
  2. Suggesting a technical way to implement the request. This can help the team in case they decide to do that is being requested, ans save them some time. Example where it was being done. (not recent)
  3. Suggesting a workaround/alternative way to achieve the goal of the request, using things that already exist. This is useful since it achieve the goal, without waiting for SE team to do it. Example. (By me. :))
  • Could you also explain why or why not you agree? – Asadefa Dec 5 at 16:29
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    @myasadefa why you agree rarely justifies answer, just upvote, maybe comment, and when having the rep, start a bounty. Not agreeing sometimes can be done as answer, yes, as rene mentioned in comment and linked to proper example. – Shadow Wizard Dec 5 at 16:30

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