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People sometimes ask unclear, duplicate, or broad questions, which are downvoted and closed. Closing it is literally just keeping people from answering the question. I do not see how closing such questions is helpful to the community. What if there is somebody who can answer broad questions, or someone who can understand unclear questions? Why keep them from answering such questions? How does closing a question cause good to the community? If someone can understand such questions, why not let them answer the question?

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    Metacommentary on voting, score, etc doesn't belong in posts. Also, I'm really puzzled at your odd choice of words; "preposterous" is very specific and not really a good interpretation of a heavily-downvoted question, either on Meta or anywhere else. – Nathan Tuggy Dec 11 '18 at 23:20
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The nature of broad questions is that they cannot be specifically answered, meaning that multiple possible answers are possible. This means that someone later coming to find information based on what they think the question is asking will go away frustrated, when the answers fail to address what they thought the question was posing.

Furthermore, questions are not actually closed initially; they are simply put on hold. This means that they stop receiving answers to give the OP (original poster) an opportunity to clarify their question, making it more specific.

If the question is left open during this time, it will get answers - but some of those answers may not / will not address the actual question. It makes a mess, especially when the OP comes back and specifies that the answers don't actually answer the question, and moderators are obliged to remove good material because it simply doesn't address the real question.

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