It has been a while since favorite tags were renamed to Tag watching and some new features were added. When that happened, a new tag [tag-watching] is created. This was created as a master tag of already present .

However, there is some inconsistency after this process.

Tag suggestions showing synonym instead of master tag

To solve this, can we merge both these tags?

This is a request asking merge of these two tags different from asking why is a tag synonym showing up on a question. By performing merge, inconsistency in showing number of questions in search and tags section will be solved.

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    @animuson My question was not only about questions shown with synonyms. What about second and third points? Do we see tag suggestions of tag synonyms while posting questions? It is also a retag question to merge those tags. – Nog Shine Dec 12 '18 at 5:47
  • Yes, so long as the tags have not been merged, the old tag functions fully as a normal tag in all aspects. The only thing a synonym does is rewrite the tag to its master when you submit the post. – animuson Dec 12 '18 at 6:23

Merges require a moderator, but this seems like a useful request. If having a favorite-tags synonym is useful, it can be re-added after the merge, so all the questions will be on where they won't confuse the tag suggestions and tags list. (I don't know if favorite-tags is still useful, but it might be because it takes people a while to adapt to new terminology. I still see references occasionally to the supercollider!)


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