When there is a very low quality post, it is flagged as very low quality. If there is an unclear post, it gets flagged as unclear what you're asking. I have seen posts that are both unclear AND low quality. I think there should be an option to raise multiple flags for a single post as long as it fits both of the flags. This would mean posts that fit the criteria for two or more different flags a single user could let the mods know. Also, if a post has multiple flags by the same user, it could be higher priority. On less important flags, it might not be a bad choice to simply flip a coin, but if there is something like offensive spam, that might be useful.

For these reasons, perhaps it would be nice to add an ability to add multiple flags for a single post. Does anyone you think this would be a good idea? Just an idea.

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    They all get sent to the same review queue anyway... – Jenayah Dec 12 '18 at 23:43

Just pick the most specific flag that applies. No need to go nuts trying to classify every problem; the ultimate solution is deletion anyway.

Ashes to ashes, bits to bits.

  • What if I see one that qualifies equally for a different flags. Should I pick random? – Asadefa Dec 12 '18 at 23:53
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    Sure. Flip a coin. – Shog9 Dec 12 '18 at 23:58

Shog's answer is excellent. I'd just like to articulate briefly why that's the way it should be done on SE. As I see it, there would be basically 2 reasons for wanting a "multiple flag" feature:

  • Flags aren't getting handled fast enough
  • Flag reasons don't cover all the issues with the post

In the former case, it remains to be defined what fast enough is. After all, if it has not gotten enough attention from high-rep users on the site to get deleted through a low-quality queue, has it really received enough attention that it becomes an issue for the site?

In the latter case, it really doesn't make a lot of difference, since if the post really has multiple issues, the reviewers will see them. There is, as Jenayah said, no difference between what queue they get sent to, and when they arrive there, moderators / LQ reviewers frequently pay little attention to whether the post was flagged as NAA or VLQ unless they see only marginal issues with the post.

To add to what Shog9 has already said, if you are concerned about inexperienced users seeing garbage on the site and thinking that it's the norm, don't just flag. Drop a friendly comment to the user as well mentioning what needs improving in their posts. A complementary link to relevant meta discussions can also be helpful. This can be beneficial in multiple ways:

  • It gives the user a heads up on what needs fixing earlier on, so if they are actually committed to producing good material, they have a larger window of opportunity to do so
  • In the unlikely event that a reviewer is mystified about the reason for your flag, it gives them clarification
  • In the event that the post is edited between your flag and reviewers viewing it to comply with site guidelines, it can alert reviewers to the difference, which in some cases can result in a flag being deemed helpful even though no action was needed.



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    Also downvote. In fact, downvote first - it's the most effective and thus should be the least optional step in this. Flagging, closing, commenting... Are all at best a roll of the dice as to whether they'll do anything; a downvote is immediately and consistently effective. – Shog9 Dec 13 '18 at 3:03

There's really no need for this. Any flagged posts will be sent to the moderator flag queue, so it'll get handled as necessary. Just chose the most relevant flag and it will be reviewed.

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