The description for the ‘Gonna Find Out’ hat is:

cast 150 votes on questions or answers

I've come across a few users with “Gonna Find Out” hats. Since Winter Bash has only been on for 3 days and there is a limit of 40 votes on questions and answers per day, how is this possible?

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Votes on posts which are subsequently deleted do not count towards your daily limit of 40 votes, but they do towards the Gonna Find Out hat, just like with e.g. the Electorate badge.

According to an official source, this is the correct answer.

It's not the case that close, reopen, delete and undelete votes count as well, it's just up- and downvotes.


I got mine at about 00:10 UTC on the second day of Winter Bash. The first day I went on a rampage on Stack Overflow and flagged / downvoted a lot of non-answers and low quality posts and managed to rack up 130 votes for the day. As Glorfindel mentioned you get the votes back once a post is deleted and if I'd been a bit more determined I could have probably got 150 in the single day.

Also anything voted on between 00:00 and 03:00 UTC that gets deleted by the Roomba refunds the votes placed against them one they're deleted so it's not unusual for someone to be able to vote a lot more than 40 times per day.

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