Almost one month ago the new-question-feed of our main chat-room The 2nd Monitor posted by the special user named Captain Obvious stopped working.

There had been a short discussion

Room owner 1: I was more thinking along the lines of, would it help to remove/add the feed again?
Room owner 2: you can try for sure

which unfortunately resulted in "Today is the day I killed Captain Obvious. Great. Just, great."

After digging arround here on Meta I found this post Can you set a new feeds user to take charge of more than one feed? where the op asked

"Is there a way to specifically assign an existing Feeds user to a feed? "

but unfortunately the answer from Marc Gravell had been

"At the moment, I can apply that manually - there is no existing UI to do that. But I guess it wouldn't really allow anything too harmful if we added it..."

So we can't change the user of the new-question-feed back to Captain Obvious by ourself. Could someone please do this for us?

  • I wholly support any attempt at reviving Captain Obvious.
    – Mast
    Commented Dec 14, 2018 at 16:30

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What I can't do is assign the feed back to user -263, the "original" Captain Obvious.

What I can do is create a new feeds user, -786, and copy Captain Obvious' name and avatar across to it.

So I've done it.


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