I've come across this feature request in the featured tab. It already has the maximum 5 tags, so there is no room for a status tag. It seems that it either must stay as it is with no status tags, or one of the tags must be removed to allow room for a status tag. This seems a little bit pointless, since all it's tags relate to the question.

To solve this, the limit of 5 tags could be removed for moderator-only tags in order to be able to place status tags on questions that already have 5 tags.

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    IMO, this will be feasible only if the status won't be set as a tag but as a banner, with the title itself changed, like it's doing today with closed questions. (i.e. the status change won't be direct part of the question.) Dec 18, 2018 at 8:36

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It's reasonably common that (even without a status-* tag) you can find six or more tags that apply to a question. However, in most cases, only two or three are essential.

In your case, the and tags can certainly be missed; in fact, a new tag for questions about s would IMHO be more appropriate. (This tag itself is already used for actual retag requests, most of which should be closed/migrated away to Meta Stack Overflow because they're about Stack Overflow, but I digress).

A good way to see this is the number of watchers. has 55, has 32, while the other two have 3 and 7. There might be some people actively following those tags, but it's also likely that they misclicked the old 'favorite' and/or the new 'Watch Tag' button.


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