Is there a place on Stack Exchange where I can ask the following:

Let's say your company sends its customers quotes. In the quote it has some fancy images, logos, and HTML/CSS to help sell the quote to the customer.

The problem: When you embed the HTML/CSS into an email, you are working at the mercy of the email provider to render the HTML/CSS correctly. First, different email providers will render your quote differently. Second, you have a subset of HTML/CSS to work with.

A workaround is to attach a PDF of the quote and also link the quote externally so a browser opens it. The body of the email may look like this:

Your quote is attached.

Additionally, you may click here to view your quote.

The question is, would there be a huge loss in views since people willing to open an attachment or click on an external link may be less? And where can I find data to support the conclusion?


You're trying to optimize your so-called 'conversion rate', and our site User Experience deals with these kind of topics; it has 157 questions about conversion and conversion rates. Maybe it has already been asked; if not, please check their help center before posting. Note in particular that implementation questions, e.g. asking how to implement the HTML/CSS so that it looks good in all/most email clients, is off-topic (this isn't mentioned in their help center, but it's one of the standard close reasons there).

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    Thank you sir or Ma'am. I can never tell with elves. – Watson Dec 18 '18 at 19:00

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