Users with less than 5 reputation can only make posts on a site's meta if it's about one of their posts on that site. The Ask page displays a list of the user's most recent posts, so they can find the one they need.

However, those links are broken: they point to the meta subdomain, but with paths of questions on the main site. It looks like their targets are host-relative, when they need to be absolute or protocol-relative.

<a href="/questions/490000/how-do-i-run-a-command-against-files-matching-a-braceglob-pattern-from-a-variab/490001#490001" class="answer-hyperlink timeline-answers">How do I run a command against files matching a brace+glob pattern from a variable?</a></b>

The form does interpret the meta URLs as though they were links to the main site, so this will only cause a problem for users who actually follow the links. It won't be a problem for users who just copy the link to paste it into the form.


The list now uses full URLs instead of relative ones. I've also adjusted the behavior of clicking on list entries to hopefully reduce other unexpected behaviors. See: Link in warning about reputation limit does not lead to Stack Overflow

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