I just tried to down-vote a question. It gave me this message as usual:

Daily vote limit reached; vote again in 15 hours.

But my vote still went through. I refreshed the page, and the down-vote I cast still showed. I refreshed multiple times, and it was still visible. Is this a bug or something?

This shouldn't happen, as I've reached the daily maximum already.

Should I be worried? Is this a bug?

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It looks like you just cast the last vote for the day; you see the same message when you reach the vote limit as when you actually try to cross over the limit.

No.. that can't be my last vote, i had that message already before.

One or more of the posts you voted on has been deleted; that frees up the votes you used there. In this way, it's possible to cast more than 40 votes a day; that's why people were getting Gonna Find Out hats on the third day of Winter Bash already even though it requires 150 votes. Your profile page even shows you have cast 42 votes, which means (at least) 2 of them must have been on deleted posts.


When you see the blue "daily vote limit reached" box, that means the vote you just cast was your last one for the day. The red box, however, means you already used up all your votes before the one you just tried to cast.

If you saw the blue "daily vote limit reached" dialog already that day, but you're able to cast another vote, it means one of the posts you cast a vote on was deleted.


This is the message that you get when you have just reached the maximum number of votes. You won't be able to cast any votes after this on - it's a bit confusing, as it gives the same message for both when you run into the limit and when you've passed the limit.

If you go look at the "votes" tab in your profile, you'll probably find 40 votes there - not 41.

So , not a .

Or, as @Glorfindel notes after your comment, it could be that one of the posts that you had voted on was deleted. After that happens, you can re-use that vote.


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