For example, if I am typing and I hit the editor current box size, instead of adding the scroll bar, expand the editor box size up to the screen view size. Only then, add the scroll bar.

This is something which always bothered. But recently, GitHub added this feature: enter image description here

Actual Behavior

enter image description here

Expected Behavior

enter image description here


This same behavior should apply when editing a question (On GitHub also does this). On this case, if the question is small enough it already fits on the text editor view area without a scroll bar, do nothing. But if the questions body is bigger than the standard text editor size, expand it up to the maximum view size, only then add a scroll bar.


As someone will probably complain, the GitHub and StackExchange websites text editor have a main difference, GitHub has a Preview button, while StackExchange directly shows the Preview just bellow the text editor, related to an WYSIWYG text editor.

On this case, when I say expand the editor up to the view size, it should also consider the space taken by WYSIWYG Preview area, and not literally expand to the full extend of the view area.

Now a problem rises when the editor text is very big and the preview area is also very big. How it should expand? For me, the text editor can expand up to 75% of the view size, while the other remaining 25% stays reserved for the preview area.

I would say it is already good size as default. If someone likes it to be bigger than 75%, should be simple enough for them to increase. If someone likes it smaller more like 50% - 50%, is also should be simple enough for them to decrease it.

I just cannot think anyone can adequately work with the text editor size with the size of 25% of the screen as it currently is, when the question text is bigger. Because you can barely see where you are on the text, and what are the other things you have. And as the preview area is fixed to only show you the top of the question, it does not make much sense to have a preview area showing up on 75% of the screen, while you are probably working on something out at the middle/end of the question text with a text editor with 25% of view size.

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    Current workaround: resize the editor manually (the grip on the bottom can be dragged to resize), or use 3rd-party markdown editor like StackEdit Dec 21, 2018 at 16:06
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    @andmyself Current workaround: resize the editor manually - this isn't a workaround :-| this is a normal feature I think OP knows this. StackEdit is an interesting tool, I had hoped it would integrate with the site but it's a separate tool :( Dec 21, 2018 at 21:08


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