When looking at the 'watched tags' sidebar-widget accross the SE-network

it catches the eye that (even without those two beautiful free-hand circles ;) )

The widget-header-text is aligned with the SVG image, but in the button below the text is vertically set off by around 0.15em compared to the SVG image (eye).

I fiddled around a bit and got an appealing result:

by changing the line-height of the class s-btn from

line-height: 1.15384615;


line-height: 1.3;

which now gives a more consistent look and feel to the layout of this widget.

But since the class s-btn is used on various other places in the markup I suggest to add alterations either to the class js-show-add-watched or to add a new and unique identifier.

I am using Google Chrome version 70.0.3538.110

You may now crucify me as a pedant ;)

EDIT: I deleted the original post on MSO so there's no dupe


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Only 6-8 days later the minor layout inaccuracy has been solved by the lightning-fast development team behind the SE-network:

enter image description here

Thanks for making the world a little bit more aligned ;)

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