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How to find top Stack Overflow users by their technology stack and location?

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Top SO users by tech stack (tags score) and location

Usage example:

find experts in REST, Spring, Spring frameworks and Hibernate related projects from Ukraine, with minimum Stack Overflow reputation of 1000

Tags:            rest, spring
Tag masks:       spring-, hibernate-
Location masks:  Ukraine
Min. reputation: 1000




  • Tags are comma-separated Stack Overflow tags

  • Tag mask here is the beginning part of the tag name. There are a lot of tags related to the one main technology and started identically with a dash, for example: spring-boot, spring-data, spring-data-jpa - all those tags have tag mask spring-.

    So if you want to find experts in Spring only - you should type spring in the field Tags. But if you need to find experts in Spring and related frameworks as well, you should type spring in Tags and spring- in Tag masks.

  • Location masks are arbitrary parts of the user location separated by a comma, for example, Odessa, Odesa or Kiev, Kyiv etc.

  • Min. reputation is a minimum reputation of Stack Overflow user who will get in the selection.

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