Normally, when you ask a question you can begin typing a tag, and you will receive autocomplete suggestions based on existing tags. For example, the tag :

Screenshot of tag suggesting mechanism

The system does not only give you suggestions based on primary tags, it also gives you suggestions based on tag synonyms. For example, is a synonym of the above tag:

Screenshot of tag suggesting mechanism

However, on the mobile app (iOS V., tag synonyms do not exist:

Screenshot of question-quality tag in the app showing no synonyms

Screenshot of tag search for bad-questions in the app showing no results

So if someone is trying to ask a question using the app, they will be unable to find the tag via the synonym. They also will be unable to manually use the tag, because apparently you also can't create a tag using the app:

Screenshot of trying to add a tag using the app

As you can see, if no existing tag comes up, there is no option to add it.

There is already a largely ignored feature-request asking for the ability to create tags via the app.

But why are there no tag synonyms in the app? Is this a bug that can be fixed (with the obvious caveat that the app is not currently being worked on), or is this ?

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