With keyboard shortcuts enabled, to reproduce:

  1. Go to any question (including this one).
  2. Press e to enter the edit mode.
  3. Cancel the edit.
  4. Select anything else with your mouse or keyboard

The .keyboard-selected class is not removed and the shadow remains on the post that was auto-selected for the edit.

I'm able to reproduce this behavior in Chrome and Edge on Windows 10 (I haven't tried other OSes).

  • Side note, I stumbled upon this feature. I thought I had somehow deleted the post I was on because the shadow was foreign and the shadow somewhat resembles a deleted post's opacity change. – Zach Saucier Jan 8 at 0:01
  • Can't repro with editing, but other actions (i.e. voting) repro – an angle-bracketed arachnid Jan 8 at 2:35

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