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I found some LaTeX questions on Super User and Stack Overflow. There is a Stack Exchange site completely dedicated to TeX and LaTeX.

I would like to migrate the questions, but I don't have the reputation points to do this:

Flag → Closing → Off-Topic → Migration

These are the questions:

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    Are all of those questions off-topic where they were asked? We don't migrate questions that are on-topic on site A just because site B specializes in that topic. – Monica Cellio Jan 8 at 20:50
  • Since both the 60 days part I mentioned, and a flowchart with the "Is question necessarily off-topic on origin site" question are provided in the FAQ, I'm closing this as a duplicate. – Glorfindel Jan 8 at 20:57

That won't work; questions older than 60 days cannot be migrated, not even by ♦ moderators.

Also, a question being 'more on-topic' on site Y is not a good reason to migrate it from site X, if it's on-topic there as well. There's a good reason the 'Migration' option is a sub-option of the off-topic close reason.

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