I wonder if we could add a small side bar jump list that would just list of votes counts, updated time of all each answer on the question so user could quickly see if it worth exploring all answer. Sample:

  1. +100/-10 2018/10/20
  2. +50/-40 2017/10/11
  3. -10/+1 2018/11/10

Either sorted by date or by sum votes Including the date, display list answers and its vote counts.

Image copy from some engine forum as sample enter image description here

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    I'm not sure what you mean with the "time" parts but you can see the vote counts on every post when you reach 1,000 rep (probably a bit less on Beta sites). Does this look like what you had in mind? – Jenayah Jan 9 at 21:02
  • Little cheeky to use a screenshot of Discourse to make a suggestion for SE to implement. – Nathan Tuggy Jan 10 at 3:38
  • Yeah that is true. But if there is good chassis, of a bunk bed with four wheels, you could redesign for multiple frame of cars and models. – user3525023 Jan 11 at 23:23
  • @Jenayah, I am thinking of something more like scrolling along side bar like the left side for "Home, Questions, Tags, ..." – user3525023 Jan 11 at 23:26

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