I have been a constant user of the Stack Exchange mobile app and on my previous mobile Motorolla Droid Turbo 2 it worked fine, and I used to receive the push notifications for all the selected events like tag, message, reply, etc.

I recently bought Nokia 6.1 + with Android 9 and since I installed the app I never received a single notification for the inbox or replies.

Device Info

App Version: 1.0.95
Device Manufacturer: HMD Global
Device Model: Nokia 6.1 Plus
OS Version: 9 (00WW_3_45B)

Enter image description here

I checked the notifications checkbox in the settings menu several times, but it never a single time displayed the push notifications. Did anyone else experience a similar issue?

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    I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the extra battery limitations in Pie. Notifications work fine on my Note9 8.1, but not my OnePlus 6T 9.0. Since the app isn't being developed anymore I don't think this will be fixed. – TheWanderer Jan 10 at 19:16
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    Please add the device/app specific info to the post via "About - Submit a bug report" option of Android app. – älёxölüt Jan 10 at 20:24
  • @älёxölüt just added the info you asked for – Muhammad Omer Aslam Jan 10 at 21:16

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