I posted this answer to a question. The question was then edited by a roving well-wisher, which invalidated my answer. So I edited the question to reflect this, and deleted my answer.

The original question was subsequently restored, thus re-validating my answer. So I undeleted my answer. But when I went to revert the edit, my original answer was nowhere to be found! It seems that deleting and undeleting an answer clears its edit history.

Is this intentional, or a bug? Or is it just that retaining the edit history would be difficult to implement?


Deletion does not ever clear revision history.

What happened is that you edited your post within the 5-minute grace period, which overrides the current revision rather than creating a new one. There never was a history on your answer. This is one reason why you really shouldn't edit your answers to be useless messages like "no longer relevant" - the grace period might actually lose your work entirely.

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    If an answer becomes invalid, because of an edit to a question, you should simply delete the answer. – Ramhound Jan 13 at 2:06

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