I have this request URL:


What I need is to have a pagination of users who answers with the tag python. The API will return only 20 items of users instead of 100, sigh. I don't have a clue how to solve this.


According to the documentation for /tags/{tag}/top-answerers/{period},

Returns the top 30 answerers active in a single tag, of either all-time or the last 30 days.

But there's a bug in the documentation - it's supposed to be 20, not 30. And that's all you can get.

Unfortunately, there's no obvious (to me at least) method of retrieving all users who've ever been active in a tag via the API; you'd have to pull all the questions & answers for the tag with their authors & build that list yourself.

  • I would probably scrape than using their API. Thanks for the clarification. – PyHunterMan Jan 17 at 1:42
  • That's probably even slower... Check out SEDE – Shog9 Jan 17 at 1:46

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