I thought this was resolved after my other question was , but I just saw it again. This is the first time that I've seen it since then, so it only happens in very specific circumstances.

Following a direct link to an answer on my question leads me to that answer, but the first line is covered up:

Trevor said something, but you can't see it

You can't see it in the screenshot, but the page is scrolled to the bottom. I can reproduce the bug consistently, but only at certain browser dimensions. If I hide the left nav, it happens around 1200x720px (doesn't need to be exactly this, but once you get a window too much smaller than this it doesn't happen). And if I don't hide the left nav I can still repro it on this answer for some window size, but I can't check the console to see the window size.

This example probably only works for me; it does not happen in incognito.

But here's a post that should show the bug for everyone who makes their window 1012x708 (or something close enough), has the left nav enabled, and isn't logged in to a TWP account (this works there because it doesn't show the answer box to anyone without an account):

Pepone's entire opening line...gone

I'm on Chrome on Mac if that's also relevant.

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