On Stack Overflow if you try to add a code snippet the last option with a checkbox on the left labeled as Hide Snippet By Default isn't clickable with the mouse when using full view. There is a minor line on it that does not allow clicking with the mouse, although you can click on the checkbox above it and press tab and then press spacebar to select it. See the below image.

Enter image description here

If you press F12 and open developer tools the option is suddenly clickable and the line is gone which is preventing it from being selected when clicked. See the image below:

Enter image description here

Which is because there is a separator between these checkboxes options and the Cancel button below which somehow slides up on the last checkbox and prevents it from being clicked. See the image below; you can monitor it by zooming the web page using Ctrl + or Ctrl + MousewheelUp.

Enter image description here


  • OS Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)
  • Browser Mozilla Firefox Quantum 64-bit

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