For users who have privilege to see deleted posts (=10k+ on graduated sites), it is easy to find their own deleted posts simply by searching for deleted:1. For users with lower reputation, there is possibility to see those deleted posts that were created in the past 60 days. More details can be found here: Show all of my question/answers to me even if they are deleted.

However, every user has also votes tab in their profile, and it is possible to choose just deletion votes there.

I have checked that on a site where I am over 10k I was able to see my own self-deleted post there.

Question. If a user who does not have privilege to see deleted posts yet, do they see their own self-deleted questions/answers there? If not, are at least the recent ones displayed there (i.e., the self-deleted post which can be found using "deleted recent questions" and "deleted recent answers")?

EDIT: I have now deleted this question - and waited some time before undeleting. While it was deleted, it was not diplayed in my profile in my profile among delete votes. (I can see it there now - after undeletion.) So the answer is probably no - unless I missed something else which could influence whether or not the deleted post is displayed there.

Probably it might still be useful to have this documented somewhere.

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