On Cryptography.SE we currently have a featured meta question but it is not showing in the side bar as can be seen on the below picture. This behavior was reproduced by one of my co-mods.

Freehand Circle around missing question

Is this a bug? Should we blame caching? If it is a bug, would removing and re-adding the tag help?

I'm asking this on the general Meta.SE because it may affect other sites as well.


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It appears the issue fixed itself...

This may be due to some internal refresh of the system or due to me removing and re-adding the tag (within the grace period). I guess we'll not find out for now...


The "featured" sidebar only updated once every 24 hours approximately. If you've featured a question today, it will appear there tomorrow, or later the same day whenever the update task runs.

So yes, blame caching.

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