The 'share a link' badges (Announcer, Booster and Publicist) work for answers as well as questions. This is reflected in the FAQ but not in the badge descriptions:

enter image description here

Can this please be changed to

Share a link to a question or one of its answers later visited by X unique IP addresses

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    I think saying "question or answer" makes it even more confusing, because it makes it sound like the badge can be awarded to answers also, which isn't true. I think the FAQ clarifying that answer links contribute towards the count for the parent question makes more sense. – animuson Jan 25 at 16:01
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    Ah, you mean that when I share two different links to a question (the Q and one A, or two separate As) they'll count together for an Announcer badge to the question. Maybe the new wording is better – it's more clear that the badge is awarded for the question. – Glorfindel Jan 25 at 16:07

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