I just noticed wandering out in the daylight. In theory it could be , but it's really a meta tag (about people) that needs to go away.

There are only 11 posts so I can get rid of it over a week or two, but I'm wondering if that's something we should be doing?

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    maybe rename to help-vampire and then make it a synonym of etiquette? – rene Jan 27 at 8:55
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    Perhaps also a [stake-request] for dealing with [help-vampire]s. – Robert Columbia Jan 27 at 12:31
  • tag renames/merges are more complex than nuking the tag, ironically – Journeyman Geek Jan 27 at 13:28
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    Is it partially because the term's rude like 'rep-whore' and similar stuff? That sounds to me like a decent reason to discourage the usage of the word in general. – user392547 Jan 27 at 14:59

The Vampire tag has been staked. Got little help from Sonic.

At some point the tag should be a small pile of dust in the sunlight.

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