I was approving an edit on DIY when i noticed that the "edit approved" link was not rendering properly on any page I could find Example

Edit link

It looks like the node is somehow set to text. FF 64.0.2 (and 65.0.0) draws it as a text node. Chrome 71's inspector shows it like this

Chrome inspector

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    Looking at the page source, I see that <, > and " are encoded as &lt; , &gt; and &quot;. That could be the problem. Commented Jan 29, 2019 at 20:46
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    The same holds for "proposed <timestamp>" links in Suggested Edits review queue.
    – Glorfindel Mod
    Commented Jan 29, 2019 at 21:27

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Sorry about this - I over-encoded (we're trying to be as safe as possible everywhere) with some changes we're making on the road to .NET Core. This specific one has been reversed and all is right with the world again!

We have some more major project changes for our migration being merged in this week...hopefully this sentence is your only awareness of them :)


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