The access to moderator tools page mentions that you can view the "suggested edit stats":

You now have access to various lists and statistical reports, giving you a broad overview of activity on the site:

Posts with extreme votes

Posts with the most comments/views/edits

Recently protected questions

Recently closed/reopened questions

Recently migrated questions

Recently deleted/undeleted posts

Questions with pending close/reopen votes

Posts with pending delete/undelete votes

New answers to old questions

Suggested edit stats

The full history of reviews by all users in any /review queue

(Emphasis mine.) What are the suggested edit stats?


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The Suggested edit stats has the list of all the approved/rejected/pending suggested edits of the period of day/week/month/all.

Also with the filter of it's type, like the following:

all : All suggested edits
approved: Approved suggested edits
rejected: Rejected suggested edits
controversial: Edits with both approved and reject votes
anonymous: Edits submitted anonymously
improved: Edits that were approved using the improve function

Note: The description of the filter type taken from the tooltip when hover the options

The screenshot of the suggested edit stats is:

suggested edit stats

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