I would like that confirmation would be added before exiting the app, so that I won't leave it by mistake.

This is useful because if we browse a site or specific question, that is lost when getting back to the app, which brings the Feed back, without any way to go back to what we visited before.

  • If it's about the Stack Exchange Android app, you might want to be more explicit, and development on it is frozen anyway. – Glorfindel Feb 4 at 12:22
  • @Glorfindel there were two unclear requests here, I've edited it to clarify one. – Shadow Wizard Feb 4 at 12:39
  • @user36970 - if you want you can start a new, separate, feature request about notifications while device in sleep mode, but as the other comment says, it is pointless since the app is no longer being developed. – Shadow Wizard Feb 4 at 12:40

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