I've posted an answer touching on this before at Let me opt out of viewing chat flags:

Here's the problem: I am mostly in The Bridge, the gaming chat. I see chat flags from the Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Latin, Korean, Italian, Esperanto, Japanese and Portuguese stacks. I don't speak any of these languages and don't want to learn them either, yet I am still asked to review chat flags from these stacks.

I don't know what they are saying. It could be a dumb joke, it could be insults thrown at each other, or they could be conspiring to end democracy. I just don't know. I am just not qualified to review these messages, and I'm fairly sure that the vast majority of the other chat users are in the same situation, simply because they don't know what is being said.

I don't want to press valid or invalid, because of the chance of false positives. and if enough people press "Not Sure", the flag gets invalidated as well, so I don't really see how that's an option either.

Note that some of these languages only rarely throw me chat flags, and some of them I only speculate they might be thrown. I don't think I've seen an Esperanto or Latin flag yet, but I regularly see Russian flags.

Since that didn't get any real interactions, I wanted to specifically ask this question manually: How should I deal with chat flags for languages I don't speak?



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