My initial search context:

I looked at the SO Help Center to find information about inserting an image into a post. Not just doing it - get to know the mechanics/ errors/ whatever.

As the main help page does not have this in the short list, I went on to view more. Best match there was the sixth (btw: why not 2nd or 3rd?) entry about how to ask a good question. I hit Strg+F for "image" - no results. K, "pic" - "what topics" - not my aim.

So I came on meta. Found a long and for me useful list of FAQs. Strg+f for "image" - that's what I was looking for.

I'm aware that the edit window has an icon for images and for straightforward putting in it seems sufficient. Maybe I'm to careful that I didn't want to play with a question to find it out - just did not get an "how it works" answer in the help center.

My feedback question is:

  • Would it be useful to place the meta-urls to the fitting help topics inline to the text?
    • If that is "too messy" - would it be useful to post useful links to a specific FAQ (and all as a sum up) at the end of each topic for further reading?

As far as my research went:

So looks like the strongest contra arguments are:

  • Not official, can be edited by anyone
  • If it would be included: too much text to read

My argument is only:

  • I searched for technical understanding in the help center and found nothing, I had to know to look on meta.

To add some "where it already is as I suggest":

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