I noticed this behaviour when looking at the revision history of a hot MathOverflow question:

The question title is in bold if and only if the body was changed. This behavior only occurs in the two parsed output views, not in the markdown view.

Revision 3 has bold title and changed body, revision 2 has narrow title and no changed body.

You can also reproduce this in the formatting sandbox. (With bold title (revision 262), With narrow title (revision 8))

The problem is that the bold font looks like it is a heading (#, ##, ###) from the body and is not so easily distinguished from the body except for spanning both columns

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    Doesn’t show on the mobile app – Daniil Feb 7 at 8:28
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    @DaniilManokhin shows that this is probably a big and not by design. – GDPR Feb 7 at 8:32

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