I just wasted a lot of time trying to find the question What are the differences between buttons and links?

I searched for...

...but did not find anything.

I needed to search for buttons links to find it.

Even on this site you can tell that they show different results:

Some search results are wildly inconsistent:

In contrast, scraper/scrapers returns results for both forms.

The expected result is, according to Nick Craver:

If not in a quoted phrase, words will now be stemmed.

  • No. button and buttons are different words, just as amp and per and sand and ampersand are all different. Showing things that people have not searched for, just because they share a substring, makes no sense. – Nij Feb 8 '19 at 7:40
  • 1
    @Nij what is the difference in meaning between button and buttons? If you tell me that the latter is plural I will not find it amusing. – Mari-Lou A Feb 8 '19 at 7:44
  • @Nij The expected behavior is that words will be stemmed, as the edit I just made shows. – Laurel Feb 8 '19 at 7:50
  • So should a search for buttons also turn up button? Yes? Great, we now have to teach this search thing of yours which words ending with S are the plural of some other legitimate word. – Nij Feb 8 '19 at 8:04
  • @Nij comment/comments, post/posts, question/s, badge/s, suspension/s etc. Will I get different results if I forget to add the "s" suffix? – Mari-Lou A Feb 8 '19 at 8:11
  • 3
    @Nij Can you explain the behavior I'm seeing? Why does plural -"plural" not return 0 results if it's supposed to be an exact match? – Laurel Feb 8 '19 at 8:17

You are trying with the Exact match pattern. It will return the exact matched keywords result only.

In case of want to search with partial match, please try button* link*, it will result the same as buttons links

As per the search help page,

Use wildcard searches to broaden results; add an asterisk (*) anywhere in the word, like encour* or Ex*nge.

So, this is not a bug.

  • 4
    Why does plural -"plural" not return 0 results if not using quotes is supposed to be an exact match? That's a bug. – Laurel Feb 8 '19 at 8:19

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