A visitor or user who clicks the Bugs tab, situated on the Top Questions Page, is presented with a single page of bugs currently ranked highest. These upvotes might lead an inexperienced user (and they're still around) to believe that these bugs are rated in order of importance e.g. “Top” = “highest (priority)”. Instead, they are listed according to popularity.

It is my understanding, very limited, I know, that this bug has since been fixed. In any case, SE issued avatars (Gravatars) that change overnight no longer happens. That bug has been resolved, hasn't it? Of what use is it to the community today? Shouldn't it have a moderator's tag or something, saying "fixed"?

I flagged the aforementioned post two days ago, suggesting that it was not a bug but it was rejected with the boilerplate message

declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention

So, MSE is left with a "bug" that was reported 5 years and 11 months ago. I'm not sure how to interpret the response to my flag or the evident lack of inactivity this "bug" has produced.

Having the tag doesn't exclude it from appearing on the front page. We can agree that it was a fun post while it lasted, however, it is not a bug. A Stack Overflow coffee mug that does not refill itself, is a problem for its owner but not for the community. I dunno, maybe it belongs on the meme list?

In order to view the most recent bugs, a user must click on the sandwich menu, top left corner, then click on Questions which takes them to the All Questions page and then...(pause) there's no tab for bugs! How come? Why is there one on the Top Questions page but not on the All Questions?

In order to check on the most recent reported bugs, a visitor/user must click on the tag and then click on Newest. This seems a rather lengthy process and one that any newcomer will probably be blissfully unaware of.

Why is there a bug tab on one page but not on the other? Why does that bug page have only one page, there is no page 2, 3, 4 etc?

What purpose does that page have: curiosity to find out which bug in MSE history collected the most upvotes? It's only until you reach the bottom that SE tells its visitors, Looking for more bugs? Browse the complete list.

enter image description here

Wouldn't it be better if there was a message at the top of the page? For example,

If you are looking for a complete list of bugs, click here

Wouldn't a handy list of unresolved bugs, ranked highest in priority, help prevent newcomers from posting duplicate bugs and encourage all users to upvote the reported bugs they care most about?

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    "But there is no bug." uh? I just read the question and its answers, imho, that is clearly a bug. – Federico Feb 11 at 11:37
  • @Federico It's by design though, isn't it? – Mari-Lou A Feb 11 at 11:38
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    well, it did not get the "status-by-design" tag, so I would not be sure. – Federico Feb 11 at 11:39
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    If something isn't a bug, the moderators (or SE staff in case of MSE) should retag and remove the tag. Simple as that. So any question tagged as bug is a bug report until retagged. – Shadow Wizard Feb 11 at 11:52
  • @ShadowWizard so what does that page do exactly? Is it supposed to provide a list of bugs which haven't been fixed? I haven't looked at each and every post, so I'm not saying there are no bugs listed, but it's disputable if the top four questions are still or were ever bugs in the first place. – Mari-Lou A Feb 11 at 11:56
  • Exactly. It's list of the top 50 bugs without action tag on them (completed, rejected, etc), sorted by votes. Nothing more, nothing less. Shortcut for this search, if you like it better. :) – Shadow Wizard Feb 11 at 12:00
  • If you think a question tagged bug is not a bug, flag it for mod attention and explain why, if retagged by moderators other users probably won't roll it back. – Shadow Wizard Feb 11 at 12:01
  • @ShadowWizard Are you suggesting that I have to go through each question separately evaluating whether the flaw is by design or has already been resolved (duplicate) or was never really a bug to begin with, in order to have a reliable list of bugs which have not been handled yet? No, thanks. Too much work for one user alone. – Mari-Lou A Feb 11 at 12:04
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    Umm.... why would you do this? That's the job of SE developers who should fix the bugs. But yes, in order to really see and evaluate each and every bug, one must read each and every bug report, and sometimes they're not really great and need editing, or as you say not really bugs. But it's not our job to decide or handle it, in general. – Shadow Wizard Feb 11 at 12:06
  • You would not be able to set the proper tags (red tags) either. Those are reserved for diamond users only, If am not mistaken. – Andre Silva Feb 12 at 18:20
  • @AndreSilva I took it for granted that users know that only mods or CMs can classify whether a bug has been resolved or not. I didn't mean to suggest that users can arbitrarily use the red tags themselves. If you look at the relevant link (3rd question), it was tagged by a mod. – Mari-Lou A Feb 13 at 8:31

Wouldn't a handy list of unresolved bugs, ranked highest in priority, help prevent newcomers from posting duplicate bugs and encourage all users to upvote the reported bugs they care most about?

This is already mostly how it works (assuming that people upvote because a bug is high priority and not for the lulz). Bugs that are tagged , , , or are removed from the tab, since there are higher voted bugs that aren't on the bugs tab:

Having only one page is expected because it is a page under "Home" not "Questions" (see for example the Active page under "Home" and compare it to the one under questions.) On these pages, the link to more questions is always at the bottom of the list.

Addressing the specific questions:

  • The first question you mention seems to be a bug, especially since the answers, one by a SE employee and another by a (now) former SE employee, say they don't think it should be this way.
  • The second question (which I posted) is still unresolved. Although people's images have stopped changing and being inconsistent, the Gravatar option still shows the new, wrong Gravatar for me (which is why I'm using an Imgur image of the old, good pic).
  • The third question does not have have a tag. It is closed as a duplicate of a post with that tag. I think it would be a good idea to exclude closed questions from the tab though. In the meantime, a moderator could add a tag to the duplicate.
  • The fourth question seems like a bug for the sole reason that I can't imagine anyone designing it that way on purpose, but I could also see it being an oversight. I'm on the fence on whether it should be tagged , but I think it ultimately doesn't matter. Nevertheless, if you see a mistagged question, you can retag it.

Lastly, because this tab (and the feature request tab) don't exist on other sites, I think that everyone here should know how to find only questions with a specific tag. Honestly, these tabs don't seem like much use to me, especially considering what Custom Question Lists can do (and what they will be able to do). The fact that there are 13-16 different lists of questions between all the different menus (depending on what site you're on; see here for more info), some with very opaque behavior, is confusing though.

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