Many times, a question gets closed, and then the author edits it in an attempt to get it reopened. However, in many of these cases, the close reason still ends up applying, and so users in the reopen queue (rightfully) review to leave the question closed.

However, this review decision isn't communicated in any way to the question author. This leaves users in the dark as to what happened to their question, and often gives off the impression that there is "no review", which leads to complaints. Users often only get to know of the review decision only if they bring the question up on meta and someone else links to it.

I think it's important that authors are aware of the review that takes place when they contest the closure of their question. Not letting them know gives off the impression that there is no review and that all decisions are final. This is often the case for duplicates, where users may not be aware of how the duplicate target answers their question, and as duplicates can be single-handedly closed by a gold-badge holder, it makes it seem more like a unilateral no-contest decision rather than one made by trusted members of the community (and agreed as such).

How can we somehow communicate to users that "your question has been reviewed by the community, who decided that at this time your question should remain closed", so that they don't have to request on meta, and are aware that their questions are indeed being reviewed?

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    "isn't communicated at all" is putting it mildly. Finding out at all requires using the timeline feature that is notoriously not communicated, advertised or even displayed in any way. The only way to find out involves knowledge over that. – Magisch Feb 11 at 14:05
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    I had this problem once with one of my early questions, and only now, when I learned how to access the /timeline of a post, I was able to see the reviews of my (now deleted) post. Without this knowledge I waited and waited, hoping for my question to be reopened until it was then deleted as abandoned closed question. – MEE was the missing bracket Feb 11 at 18:39

I would focus more on the fact that the community will review than the fact the community rejected the reopen request, and I will make sure the OP can find the review result easily.

As such, I would do a text for the OP only, under the close reason, a text like;

Your question is being reviewed by the community for re-opening. Current queue length are on a X minutes average.

If the review is done, I would simply remove the message and leave a trace for the OP in the revision history with a link to the review.

For me, it's more positive to show the OP that way, than telling them, "the community didn't wanted to reopen your question" at the end of the review.

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    Good idea, but 1737747773 minutes average for Stack Overflow isn't very encouraging. ;) Also what about showing this above the question as we do with suggested edits? – MEE was the missing bracket Feb 11 at 18:41
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    How about displaying a estimate we just link to the review queue and indicate how many more reviews must happen before the decision is made? “Your question is being reviewed .... X editors must review it before a decision is made”. – Ramhound Mar 12 at 11:36

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