International communities have one very remarkable initiative that began several years ago on Stack Overflow in Russian: we celebrate the beginning of the new year with a contest for the best questions and answers with the tag. The contest lasts for all of January and consists of two sessions: from January 1 to January 10 and from January 11 to January 31. Each session has eight nominations.

Why ?

Many of us recall our university years with nostalgia. It is especially pleasant to remember how we were studying disciplines like discrete mathematics, the theory of algorithms, programming... I think, at work we often have a lack of academic tasks: sorting, searching for elements, permutations, etc. Questions and answers on the tag might help to fill this gap.

Please join us in congratulating the New Year Algorithm 2019 winners!

Author of a question with the highest score and a question that gets the most answers

@enxaneta with a question “Cómo dibujar un corazón: (el algoritmo del corazón)” that got 24 upvotes and 11 answers!

Author of an answer with the highest score

@devconcept with an answer to a question “¿Cómo organizar una lista de colores de forma eficiente?”. The answer got 21 upvotes.

Author of an answer to their own question, if the answer gets a higher score than any other answers to the question

@nekketsuuu with self-answered question “Git の 3-way merge とは具体的にどのようなアルゴリズムですか?”. The question got 5 upvotes and the answer got 4 upvotes.

Author of an accepted answer with the highest score

@Sergio with an answer to a question “Quando e como devo usar operador instanceof e typeof no JavaScript”. The answer got 14 upvotes.

Author of a question with the most views

@komatsuna with a question “クイックソートの2種類の実装法で実行速度に顕著な違いが出る” that got 12 upvotes, 4 answers, and 452 views!

Author of the most questions

@nekketsuuu has asked 7 questions over the second session. The questions got 26 upvotes and 6 answers in total.

Author of the most answers

@Harry has answered 12 questions over the second session, 9 of them were accepted, the answers got 33 upvotes in total.

Complete list of winners

If you are interested in a complete list of winners on each site, please look at international metas:

Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope it was fun for everyone!


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