Generally I can post a comment by pressing Enter key on my PC keyboard right after typing it.


But when I use external bluetooth keyboard on my iPad, I can’t do this, pressing the Enter key just does nothing (using the Shift+Enter I can add new line into comment text). In the same time search panel in the top bar is working as expected - pressing Enter just start searching.

  • This is fairly likely to have been a browser/OS/driver stack/hardware issue rather than an issue with SE's HTML/JavaScript. Additional testing would be needed with your hardware and setup. At a minimum, it would have been quite beneficial to find a contrasting webpage UI element where your use of the enter key did end up submitting such an input.
    – Makyen
    Sep 7 at 13:57

This issue now looks fixed somehow. Enter key posts the comment.

Tested on the same iPad (now with modern iPadOS 14.7.1) on Chrome 93.0.4577.39

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