Stack Exchange's Filtered Questions is a tool where users can see a list of 100 questions based on certain rules from multiple sites on the same page. However, closed questions are currently excluded from the list (e.g. compare newest MSO questions with newest MSO Filtered Questions).

"Newest" questions with a duplicate question "Newest" questions with 1 question closed as duplicate

"Newest" Filtered Questions, missing the duplicate "Newest" Filtered Questions with duplicate excluded

While it might be convenient for users who are looking for interesting questions to be answered, a broader use case for me is to monitor all new questions so that I can still review already-closed questions.

I'm thinking of adding 2 checkboxes to (1) include closed, and/or (2) duplicate questions that will affect globally to the current filter as the starter, though finer customization on each rule is also welcomed (but not required for now).

However, did I miss something, like some possible flaws/dangerous misuse cases?