How do I search for titles not containing a word claims that -title:word should work to search for questions whose title doesn't include the word.

I tried the following search on Stack Overflow:

[c] fflush scanf printf hasaccepted:yes -title:stdin

Many of the results contained fflush(stdin) in the title. These are the ones I was specifically trying to avoid.

I also tried

[c] fflush scanf printf hasaccepted:yes -title:"fflush(stdin)"

and I tried:

[c] fflush scanf printf hasaccepted:yes title:-stdin

Why isn't the negated title working?

  • I assume because title: isn't a tag, term, or phrase. maybe -"stdin"? – Kevin B Feb 22 at 23:14
  • @KevinB The advanced search help says "To limit your search to just the title of a question, use title: followed by the search term." – Barmar Feb 22 at 23:17
  • That will filter out questions that have stdin in the body, which I don't want to do. – Barmar Feb 22 at 23:17
  • Right, it was more of an explanation (or guess) on why it doesn't work on title:. it's not the same as just a plain term or a tag/phrase. That functionality likely isn't applied to title: – Kevin B Feb 22 at 23:19
  • I also tried negating the phrase, i.e. title:-stdin. See the linked question whose answer claims that my attempt was supposed to work. – Barmar Feb 22 at 23:27

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