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I am new to the Stack Exchange application for Android. It seems more convenient than having to go to Google and search for the site that I want to go to.

However, I can't seem to find Stack Overflow Jobs in the app. If I see an ad for the site, it opens Chrome.

Any suggestions?

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  • stackoverflow.com/jobs – iBug Feb 25 at 9:14
  • I meant in the app, sorry. – Edwin Pratt Feb 25 at 9:17
  • OK, next time please tag your question correctly so people don't get confused. You might also want to make it clear whether it's the iOS app or the Android app. – iBug Feb 25 at 9:24
  • OK! I'll remember. Thanks! – Edwin Pratt Feb 25 at 9:26

SO Jobs is not implemented in the Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow applications. As of now you have to open a browser and navigate to https://stackoverflow.com/jobs

You may post a about that but don't have much hope - the team doesn't have an iOS or Android developer anymore.

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