I found that there were some events that automatically convert questions/answers to community wikis (see Stop using community wiki as a reputation denial mechanism). For example,

  1. Automatic conversion after 10 edits
  2. Automatic conversion after 30 answers
  3. Automatic conversion after 5 users edited the post

I am locating into answers of community wiki questions and their edit histories to understand whether I can identify those triggers.

However, I found some challenges. So, to identify whether 30'th answer automatically triggers the community wiki conversion, I match the time and user id of the 30th answer with the time and user id of community wiki conversion event in the PostHistory table (PostHistotyTypeId=16). Interestingly, sometimes I found the match at 27, 28 or 29'th answer. I even found the match at the 8th answer. (see this community wiki questions and the 8th answer in time: Android error: Failed to install *.apk on device *: timeout). Similarly, for the edits (I consider PostHistoryTypeId=4,5,6 for counting edits). I found that conversion occurs at 11'th edit. See this post: https://stackoverflow.com/posts/2371292/revisions Here, OP N1.1 performs more than 10 edits but the community wiki has been attributed to a different user (a diamond moderator).

This warns me that I am possibly missing something important. What is the proper way of detecting which answer or edit triggers automatic conversion? If the process I am following is correct, why I am finding triggers at a different position?

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    You're not accounting for the possibility of a bunch of deleted answers existing on the question. Also, you do realize that we no longer automatically convert to community wiki, ever, right? – animuson Feb 25 at 21:49
  • Thanks. I understand that automatic conversions are no longer available for posts. I agree that there can be deleted answers. How about the edit example I provided for post: 2371292. What can be a possible explanation? – Muhammad Asaduzzaman Feb 25 at 21:56
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    You'll notice all those statements say after (so greater than). The actual conversion took place at the 11th edit or the 31st answer. Fwiw, we used to show the reason alongside the revision history item. I believe at some point that code was just completely removed due to automatic conversion no longer being a thing. – animuson Feb 25 at 22:04
  • Thanks a lot. That explains much. So, out of the 11 edits made by N1.1, one was a rollback. So, N1.1 already performed 10 edits. Just, after that George Stocker♦ performed the edit. At this point, the post became a community wiki. The wiki conversion entry attributed to George Stocker♦. – Muhammad Asaduzzaman Feb 26 at 1:49
  • No longer automatically convert to community wiki - "2014-04-09: Former criteria for the automatic conversion of community wiki have been removed" – Peter Mortensen Feb 26 at 7:44
  • @PeterMortensen I am aware of that. We are doing a study about the community wiki. I am interested in finding those trigger points from the data. – Muhammad Asaduzzaman Feb 26 at 13:53

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