Every now and then I come across suggested edits to questions which I feel are not worth editing. Usually those are off-topic or overly broad in a very obvious way, so making them on-topic would require a complete rewrite. Needless to say, the proposed edit (typically, spelling / capitalization / punctuation fixes and removed "Greetings/Thanks" lines), while being otherwise constructive, doesn't make the question any more answerable.

On one hand, the edit itself is not "wrong" in any way, so I feel I'm expected to approve it. On the other hand, the effort is completely misplaced since the question will almost certainly be gone in a couple of weeks, edit or no edit.

What message should be sent to the user who suggested the edit in this case? On one hand, rejecting the edit might tell the user that spelling fixes are not wanted, which is not the case. On the other hand, accepting such edits gives them the incentive to keep doing this utterly useless job, which additionally creates more job for reviewers.

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